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We bring our clients' visions to life by staging customised stories in a visually and content-wise unique way. No matter whether we are explaining complex issues, communicating important information or conveying significant messages.Our expertise in storytelling helps us to tell your story in an impressive and memorable way. Always with your CI and your individual wishes in mind. This is how we connect people with brands.

what we do:

  • Motion design is an important part of any modern marketing strategy. It can be used on a wide variety of platforms and in a wide variety of formats. This allows companies to reach their target group wherever they are - be it on social media channels, on their own website or at events and presentations. We use our expertise to help you communicate your messages successfully and present your company in an individual and convincing way.

  • 2D animations have the unique advantage of being able to tell complex stories simply and memorably. Their diversedesign options allow them to appeal to specific target groups and offer creative freedom that is often cheaper andquicker to realise than 3D animations. 2D animations manage to impressively depict emotions and characters withsimple means. Their versatility and efficiency make them an indispensable tool in the world of visual communication.

  • A key advantage of 3D animations is the ability to visualise complex products and processes in an understandableand appealing way. 3D animations are extremely versatile and can be used for a variety of purposes, from productvisualisation and the presentation of architectural and design concepts to scientific explanations and virtualsimulations. Complex topics, products and concepts become easier to understand.

  • A live-action film production is particularly useful when authenticity and tangible emotions take centre stage. It is ideal for projects where the realistic depiction of people, places and situations is important, such as interviews, image films or commercials. In addition, various cinematic techniques and styles can be integrated to create an approachable and captivating narrative, significantly increasing the emotional impact and credibility. We work closely with our clients to understand their vision and goals and translate them into high quality and engaging results.

  • Targeted stage and event design can transform an event from ordinary to extraordinary. The stage is brought to lifethrough the skilful use of animation and visual effects. The immersive atmosphere reinforces the message of theevent, creates unforgettable visual experiences and creates a deeper emotional connection with the audience. In this way, a well thought-out event design leaves a lasting impression and makes the event an extraordinary experience.

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