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Bosch on behalf of HDW Partner GmbH


Tablet Presses is a division that manufactures production machines for tablets. Our explanatory film had to present the brand and its advantages in a short and charming way. As the video is mainly used at the trade fair, we had to develop a story that would work perfectly even without dialog. Our great partners at HDW Partner GmbH had already brainstormed many stories with BOSCH. When we went into production, the cornerstones of the story were already in place. Now it was a matter of finding a look.


The first task was to develop a protagonist. Our client opted for the beardless version. In order to be able to discuss the content of the individual scenes with the client in the best possible way, we created a detailed storyboard. As the film is mainly to be used at trade fairs, it was important to the client that the film remains comprehensible even without a voiceover. For this reason, we "only" used sound design and music to accompany the action in this project.

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