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vfx & postproduction

With VFX and post-production, we transform creative visions into breathtaking reality. We are at your side with helpand advice from the first meeting to the last animated pixel. During the consultation phase, we work with our clients todefine the exact goals that need to be achieved. Based on this preliminary work, a concrete offer is created that isprecisely tailored to the individual project requirements. Timetables and workflows are also defined in this initial phase.This means that our clients know from day one which steps are planned and when. Whether subtle improvements orspectacular effects - with VFX and post-production, an idea becomes a visual masterpiece that transports theaudience into another world.

how your project could evolve

  • We were allowed to support the Disney series project "Beni and the black paw" from the first look design of the animation to the finished animated dog snout.

  • Our short film MORTIMER AND THE VANISHINGS by director Robert Scheffner was supported by HessenFilm andBKM. The result is 14 minutes of sugar-sweet animation.

  • Our animated series pilot WILD WILD TALK combines various animation methods: from classic frame-by-frameanimation and character rigging to 3D background design and final compositing in After Effects.

  • Good preparation is everything. Especially for projects with a high CGI / post-production component, it is extremely important to know exactly what needs to be shot BEFORE the shoot. The shoot for the 2018 Lichter Film Festival presented exciting challenges on several levels.

  • On behalf of the Goethe University Frankfurt, we developed a trailer for the new search engine The aim was to combine the analog archive with the digital possibilities of the new web portal. Visual effects (VFX) were predestined for this.

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