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Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International 2018


Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International


As in previous years, we were once again able to produce the trailer for the Lichter Filmfest Frankfurt International in2018. Every year, the festival and its film selection have a different theme. In 2018 it was CHAOS.


We started with some crazy ideas and concepts that were chaotic but didn't fit the narrative aspect of the festival. When we were able to win the excellent motion capture studio metricminds as a partner for this project, it catapulted our ideas into a whole new dimension and we asked ourselves the question: What is actually more chaotic than a filmset? The normal chaos on set was not enough for us. We wanted the PERFECT CHAOS. And so the first line of our script was born: What if a shoot went completely off the rails because the film technology turned against its creators (the film team)? Dramaturgically, the aim was to start in a familiar cosmos and reach an unexpected end within a very short space of time - through a chain of individual events. The perfect chaos.

storyboard & animatic 

As the trailer was not allowed to be longer than 30 seconds, we had to make sure that all the images could be told in this short time. We therefore developed a detailed storyboard with a subsequent animatic,which reflected the dynamics we wanted to tell in the trailer to the second. Layout music and an initial rough sound design already gave the animatic a taste of the dynamics and atmosphere we wanted to tell.

making of 

the technology behind it

In addition to mocap data for films, metricminds specializes in the production of game cutscenes and was involved in the production of Crysis 3 and Tarzan 3D, among others. The following video shows the great possibilities of this technology: it transfers the movements of real actors to 3D characters in real time. It is even possible to film the actor with real cameras and transfer the camera perspective directly to the 3D character. For game developers, this is of course a great way to bring 3D avatars to life in real time. The technology enables incredibly realistic motion sequences and saves long animation times at the same time.

motion capture

The motion capturing was carried out by metricminds a week before the shoot. We were lucky enough to have the outstanding dancer and performance artist David Voigt for the project, as well as the 3D professionals from animation studio Raum 230, who also took over the art direction and supervision for the dance part. As can be seen in the MAKING-OF VIDEO, David has neither bones nor joints.

the final film 

David Fabra edited the movie. After the picture lock, the motion capture data from metricminds was provided with 3D characters and textures in post-production and fire and other highlights were added to the picture as VFX. The great color correction by Media Sound & Pictures and the rich sound mix by Herold Studios gave the trailer the finishing touches. After that, the way was clear: the trailer was released on the big screen and screened in numerous cinemas and at the festival.


This was the first time that everything we had come up with as sketches in the weeks before came together: actors, sets and, of course, the entire film team. Over 30 people were involved in the filming.

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