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We develop and produce animation shows and features for kids and adults. As an agile team of showrunners, creators, illustrators & animators we enjoy collaborating early on in productions, where we can contribute to shape the creative vision of the project.

Format: Series (3 x 20 min), Genre: Adult Animation, Author: Simon Thummet, Regisseur: Arne Hain

How would an authority behave if its raison d'être - the society around it - suddenly changed so dramatically that the authority's rules could no longer be applied?

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Taskforce Querlitz


  • Format: Shortfilm (11 min), Genre: Stop Motion, Children, Author: Robert Scheffner, Kristian Wolf, Regisseur: Robert Scheffner

    The order loving Mortimer (10) wants to know, why things are disappearing everywhere in his street recently. Together with his lively and annoying sister Emma (4), they set off for the land of lost things: the junk dimension.

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  • Format: Shortfilm (5 min), Genre: Comedy, Author: Simon Thummet, Regisseur: Paul Balykin

    In the short film a variety of animals from around the world are interviewed on the pandemic. The humor is quick and essayistic.

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  • Format: Series (8 x 25 min), Status: finished (2018- 2022)

    Meet the greats of world history: Host Clarissa Corrêa da Silva travels around the world and through time once again. We animated all the scenes of the two seasons.

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  • Format: Series (20 x 1:30 min), Status: finished (2019- 2022)

    We conceived and produced a total of 10 clips for KiKA on behalf of ifage Filmproduktion, featuring powerhouse women in science.

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  • Format: Series (4 x25 min), Status: finished (2018)

    On behalf of ifage Filmproduktion, we created numerous animations in a graphic novel style. The content revolved around the dynamic French-German history.

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  • Format: documentary (55 min), Status: finished (2016)

    For "Die Story im Ersten: 'Papa, Papi, Kind – Gleiches Recht für Homo-Ehen?'", we conceptualized and animated content focused on the topic of adoption rights for homosexual couples.

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  • Format: Shortfilm, Genre: Fantasy, Status: finished (2009)


    Gustav Tippeltov has a hard time continuing his family's legacy: delivering dreams to the residents of the nearby small town. The annoying night shifts, his loneliness, and his constant financial troubles eventually drive Gustav to sell his dreams to a greedy factory owner. The small town is heading towards a catastrophe.

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Format: Feature (90 min), Genre: Science Fiction, Author: Valentin Oellers & Barbara Mattes, Regisseur: Valentin Oellers

The adventurous Iben (12) and the shy Rolm (9) live in a world marked by ecological disasters. Their friendship is all that matters

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Format: Series (13 x 11 min), Genre: Woman, History, Mockumentary, Production Years: 2023-25

Primeras (Firsts) is an anthological, animated show depicting the life stories of women from around the world who became pioneers in fields that until then, were reserved only to men.?

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Format: Series (10 x 5 min), Genre: Comedy, Author: Simon Thummet, Regisseur: Paul Balykin

This "natural" portrayal of specific animal characters and, at times, highly complex themes is distressing, disgusting, heartwarming, depressing, and absolutely hilarious.

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Format: Series (8 x 20 min), Genre: Science Fiction Comedy, Author: Simon Thummet & Paul Balykin, Regisseur: Paul Balykin

The year: 2404. On the intergalactic cruise ship MS Stella, there are no rules except those of Captain Laremy Henkel.

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The Bad Captain 
Wild Wild Facts
Barfuß im All
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