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the project

The pilot episode of our series MORTIMER was funded by HessenFilm and the Kuratorium junger deutscher Film. In the animated series, we tell the story of the developing friendship between siblings Mortimer and Emma and their neighbor, the inventor Dr. Sauerkraut and his robot TIMO. The series is directed and written by Robert Scheffner.


The short film was realized as a stop-motion animation. This means that all the backdrops and characters were built100% in-house and photographed frame by frame. As the complex movement sequences of the characters often haveto be supported with weights, wires and similar aids, a lot of work is usually required in post-production to retouchthese objects from the scene afterwards.


Family / 14 min. short film / Stop motion

Direction:  Robert Scheffner

Creator: Robert Scheffner

Script: Robert Scheffner, Kristian Wolff

Graphics: Leo Laduch

Storyboard: Robert Scheffner

Sets: Robert Scheffner, Jade Stendel

Animation: Constanze Werneburg, Robert Scheffner

Camera: Constanze Werneburg, Robert Scheffner

Compositing: Jochen Braun

Music: Moritz Laßmann

Sound: klangbezirk Wiesbaden, Andreas Radzuweit, Moritz Corell

Editing: Robert Scheffner


making of 

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