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Wild Wild Talk 


The WWT interviews are conducted with different animals individually or in groups. Only the animals can be seen in the picture. The interviewing animal can only be seen with the microphone in its paw, fin, claw or tentacle. Humans areonly seen far in the background or heavily cropped, so that the usual weighting of humans and animals is reversed.


WILD WILD TALK is the pilot episode of an animated series we have created. It is THE must-see interview show from the animal kingdom. The makers of WWT are animals themselves and therefore know exactly which topics are on the minds of their target group: Ideals of beauty, raising children, relationships and sexuality, equality and much, much more. The topics are as colorful as the animal world itself.


Family, 4 minute shortfilm

sound design 

The sound design is documentary-like and tells the story of the animals' natural habitat. The film was produced in German and English.

making of 

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