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The Bad Captain 


Adult series / 8 x 20 Min. 


The year: 2404. The place: the infinite expanse of space. On the intergalactic cruise ship MS Stella, there are no rules except those of Captain Laremy Henkel (49). For him, the immunity of the captain's post is the only chance to escape the consequences of his egomaniacal lifestyle and his dwindling significance as an old white man in an ever younger, politically over-correct world. The Bad Captain is excess paired with permanent hubris and the question of who will perish first: the world or the ego of people like Laremy Henkel?


The look of the series has been developed as a mixture of 2D characters in 3D environments. 3D gives us great opportunities to use light and shadow in a dramatic film noir style, which beautifully supports the adult tone of the series.

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