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Deutsche Rentenversicherung


Deutsche Rentenversicherung on behalf of wdv Gesellschaft für Medien & Kommunikation mbH & Co. OHG


The explanatory video is aimed at those insured with the German Pension Insurance and introduces them to the"Flexi-Rente" - a new pension model from the DRV. The aim was to present the "dry" topic of pensions in a fresh and appealing way through animation and to show future pensioners the various possible combinations and advantages of the new pension model. To this end, the explanatory video follows a protagonist who goes through all the stages from the status quo as a prospective pensioner to personal advice at the DRV and the individual pension model.


Initially, the task was to develop a protagonist who is recognizable both as a young woman in her mid-30s and as an aspiring retiree in her early 60s. To optimally discuss the content of the individual scenes with the client, we created a detailed storyboard, which was revised into an animatic based on the client's feedback. The animatic already included the voice recordings and showed how much time was available for each scene.

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