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Seven Swans


Seven Swans Frankfurt on behalf of Frankfurt, du bist so wunderbar


The Seven Swans is a culinary institution in Frankfurt. Home-grown, vegan cuisine, Michelin-starred. Despite this great combination, there has never been a film that showed all this. Our image film has now changed that. The film shows the people who make up the company and takes a look behind the scenes of the busy everyday life of an award-winning Michelin-starred restaurant.


Rarely has a brand film shoot whetted the appetite for vegan cuisine so much. We were commissioned by frankfurt, du bist so wunderbar to portray the SEVEN SWANS. Located in the narrowest building in Frankfurt, spread over seven floors, SEVEN SWANS offers hospitality and gourmet organic cuisine with a view of the River Main. We spent a day looking over chef Ricky Saward's shoulder.

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