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Syntegon - formerly Robert Bosch Packaging Technology GmbH - is one of the world's leading suppliers of processand packaging technology. With 6,100 employees at over 30 locations in more than 15 countries, the company offersindustry-specific consulting, engineering expertise and machine services at the highest level. On behalf of andtogether with HDW Partner GmbH, we developed a film that presents the company's new corporate identity to thepublic.


From Bosch Packaging Technology to Syntegon Technology - that was the premise and at the same time the challenge for the project: to look to the future with a new brand and a new mission, without forgetting the values and successes of the company's previous history.


The name Syntegon stands for synergy, technology and future orientation. The new corporate color green emphasizest he importance of sustainability and health. The square in the redesigned logo symbolizes product protection through packaging technology. All these ideas shaped the design of the new corporate identity and were to be taken up in the film.

the result

With its playful yet always clearly focused visuals, the finished film conveys exactly the feeling we had hoped for: mastering new challenges together and growing from them. Both as a company and as a community. True to the company motto: "Process and packaging technology for a better life".

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