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Vodafone / Insglück – Gesellschaft für Markeninszenierung mbH


For the digital event Vodafone Sales Kick-Off 2022 live from the Lichtburg Essen, we were commissioned to create the complete motion design consisting of various assets, films and inserts. In addition to staging the key visual on the LED, including various loops, countdowns and transitions, we were also responsible for the conception and production of two inserts, an intro film and a trailer.


Based on the event CI, we developed moving, loopable backgrounds, animated key visuals and typography. To ensurea smooth and flexible flow of content, we generated a tool set of various build-ups, take-downs and transitions that were controlled entirely via mats. We created both a trailer and an intro film in which a 3D frisbee was staged. Furthermore, in close cooperation with our client, we created a cut-out film and another intro film in which we realized a sailing ship in 3D.

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